I've loved animals for as long as I can remember, particularly dogs.

I was bought my very own puppy when I was 13yrs old, she was an Irish Setter who I called Karla, she taught me a lot & she was my little soul mate. As I got older we went everywhere together, especially when I got my own car, trips to the woods & beach were always favourite places.

In my early 20's I became quite ill. My boss at work knew I was very fond of dogs & at that time his wife was a regular exhibitor at local open shows, to help take my mind off things they started letting me tag along, I loved my days out with them & before long my boss had a word with my parents to see if there was anyway they'd allow my to have another dog but one to show, his wife had suggested that she thought it may help with my health by giving me something to focus on.

After much research I'd decided on a couple of breeds , one of these being a Weimaraner, after many more months I finally found the right litter for me, bred by Pam Lyonshall by ShCh Hot Brandy out of Dachshund of Adel at Adlwood. After a number of visits I fell in love with one of the little girls, she was to become my foundation bitch Adlwood Aster (Asti).